2016 Bills Signed into Law

Public Fund Investments

Public Fund Investments

Public Act 99-0013

Allows counties and municipalities to invest up to $250,000 in public funds per year in … Learn More  

Development Authority

Public Act 99-0499

Includes Lake County within the jurisdiction of authority maintained by the Upper Illinois River Valley … Learn More  

EDPA Grundy County

Public Act 99-0513

Extends a county Economic Development Project Area (EDPA) located in Grundy County from 23 years … Learn More  

Closed Meeting Minutes

Closed Meeting Minutes

Public Act 99-0515

Amends the Open Meetings Act to provide verbatim recordings and closed meeting minutes will be … Learn More  

DOR Disclosures

Public Act 99-0517

Sales tax information that the Illinois Department of Revenue already disclosed to municipalities can also … Learn More  

Elections Omnibus

Public Act 99-0522

Contains a litany of election-related changes and updates. Impacts election commissions and entities across the … Learn More  

Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weeds

Public Act 99-0539

States that the governing body of each county may carry out the duties and responsibilities … Learn More  

Property Tax Book Returns

Public Act 99-0573

Requires the chief county assessment officer to return the property tax assessment books to the … Learn More  

Unclaimed Property Dormancy

Public Act 99-0577

Decreases the duration from seven (7) years to five (5) years for unclaimed property held … Learn More  

In a Section of the Property Tax Code requiring the board of review to serve … Learn More  

Donating Jury Fees

Donating Jury Fees

Public Act 99-0583

Creates the Lake County Children's Advocacy Center Pilot Program which will allow any juror in … Learn More  

FOIA Penalties

Public Act 99-0586

If a public body fails to comply with a court order to disclose public records … Learn More  

Pension Code - Cook County

Public Act 99-0578

Amends the cook County Article of the Illinois Pension Code. Limits a provision allowing purchase … Learn More  

Will County Land Acquisition

Public Act 99-0594

Grants quick take authority for a period of one year to Will County for the … Learn More  

Local Government Travel Expenses

Requires that non-home rule units of local government, community colleges, and school districts create a … Learn More  

PTAB Decisions by Email

Public Act 99-0626

Provides that the Property Tax Apepal Board can send an appellant's petition to the board … Learn More  

County Appointments

Public Act 99-0634

Requires the county board or county commissioners of each county to submit a report to … Learn More  

Applies to employees under IMRF who began participation before January 1, 2011 and are not … Learn More  

Deceased Annuitants Pension

Deceased Annuitants Pension

Public Act 99-0683

Requires every pension fund or retirement system - except downstate fire and police funds - … Learn More  

FOID Revoke by Clerk

Public Act 99-0696

Requires the circuit court clerk to notify the State Police twice a year if no … Learn More  

Child Bereavement Leave

Public Act 99-0703

Mandates employers of 50 or more and all public employers to provide at least two … Learn More  

Local Government Dissolution

Local Government Dissolution

Public Act 99-0709

Allows both Lake County and McHenry County to dissolve units of local government whose governing … Learn More  

Open Meeting Requests

Public Act 99-0714

Where the provisions of the Act are not complied with, or where there is probable … Learn More  

Elections - 17 Year Olds

Elections - 17 Year Olds

Public Act 99-0722

Allows 17 year old children who will be 18 before the next general election to … Learn More  

Highway Designation

Public Act 99-0727

Allows a unit of local government to consult a highway design publication outside of IDOT's … Learn More  

Public Health Contracts

Public Act 99-0730

Allows a county's board of health to enter into contracts with municipal health departments, county … Learn More  

Administrative Adjudication

Public Act 99-0754

Allows any county to provide administrative adjudication for units of local government (within the county … Learn More  

Public Defender Report

Public Act 99-0774

Allows counties to either accept monthly or quarterly reports, as determined by the county board … Learn More  

State Mandates Report

State Mandates Report

Public Act 99-0789

Requires the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to submit a bi-yearly report on mandates … Learn More  

Electric Monitoring

Public Act 99-0797

Provides that the Chief Judge may by administrative order establish a program for electronic monitoring … Learn More  

Veterans Court Mandate

Public Act 99-0807

The Chief Judge of each judicial circuit shall (rather than may) establish a Veterans' and … Learn More  

Wind Farm Assessments

Public Act 99-0825

Extends assessment provisions that apply to wind energy devices through year 2021 (previously 2016).

Employee Sick Leave Act

Employee Sick Leave Act

Public Act 99-0841

Employess may use personal sick leave benefits for absences due to an illness, injury, or … Learn More  

Homestead Exemption

Public Act 99-0851

Clarifies that in Cook County only, if a property owner is not residing at the … Learn More  

County Board Pension

Public Act 99-0900

Places restrictions on IMRF participation by elected or appointed county board members. A person holding … Learn More  

Safe Roads Amendment

The Safe Roads Constitutional Amendment or “Lock Box” provides that moneys raised through State or … Learn More